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API Development

APIs are the backbone of many modern systems from mobile apps to the next social media giant. We can build your next API.

System Automation

As your technology starts to grow, so does it's complexity and the need to automate tasks for your team. We can automate your systems.

System Architecture

When you need to design a large-scale & complex software system, good architecture is critical to the success of your teams mission.

Choose a standard application

We put the major scaffolding in place, so your team can focus on features


The unique story of how we began.

Our Leadership Team

The people that help drive us forward.


William Thompson

Lead Software Architect


Ellen Moussou

Lead Marketer


Tarek Traore

Lead Product Developer

As a software company, we are excited to face the challenges that come with building and growing a business. We understand that the software industry is constantly evolving, and we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. We also recognize that every client is unique, and we are prepared to tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality software that not only meets, but exceeds our clients' expectations. We believe that effective communication and collaboration are key to success, and we are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure their satisfaction. We are confident that with hard work and determination, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.

Tech Stack

Our company has a strong preference for using open-source technologies in our tech stack. We believe that open-source software offers a number of benefits, including a large and active developer community, a wealth of resources and documentation, and the ability to customize and extend the software to meet our specific needs.




Digital Ocean


Node Js







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